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The onshore oil and gas industry in the UK has been in existence for over 150 years. Before the First World War, the UK imported almost all its oil and gas. During both World Wars the need for Britain to produce its own oil to help the war effort became an urgent priority for the UK Government and legislation was introduced to enable companies to explore for hydrocarbons more readily.

The oil & gas industry contends with a great amount of uncertainty and risk, and yet companies have to focus on the future to ensure financial and operational  31 Jan 2020 UK oil and gas sector Roadmap 2035 outlines 60 actions in five key areas: Supporting net-zero, driving technology and innovation, developing  Our membership includes around 400 organisations with an interest in the UK's upstream oil and gas sector. As the champions of industry, we work on behalf of  Work, health, and safety in the UK oil and gas industry: A survey Offshore oil and gas production, and the exploration and drilling operations that support it,  5 Jun 2019 The UK's Oil and Gas Industry Has a Message for Greta Thunberg and Other Youth Activists. "We are listening because we want the world to be  4 Mar 2019 Industry body Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) has stressed a “deal outcome” is in the “ best interests” of the sector. Andrew Reid, chief executive of 

After several years of oversupply, the oil and gas industry could very well be moving headlong into a supply crunch. This may seem hard to imagine, given the ramping up of U.S. oil production and the burgeoning sense of optimism that is sweeping the sector. In general, the industry feels much healthier than it did 12 months ago: The price of

Safety and Compliance in the Oil & Gas Servicing Industry. Ben Scholes. Despite economic headwinds facing the UK oil and gas sector, safety is at the heart of  Seeks to promote the role played by British independent exploration and production companies in maintaining a powerful and effective UK based oil and gas  23 Mar 2018 A key Oil and Gas UK report has revealed that between 12 and 16 oil and gas and future forecasts for the UK offshore oil and gas industry. 16 Jan 2017 The trend echoes the decline of UK oil and gas production together with effective process management and industry's use of best available  About the Industry. Key facts and how our industry works. Latest News. The latest updates from Oil & Gas UK and industry . Events and Networking. Network with peers, learn from industry leaders and debate the future. Publications. Definitive source of information about the UK oil and gas industry. Efficiency

30 Jan 2020 The UK oil and gas industry can play a key role in the development of the hydrogen and carbon capture, usage and storage sectors given its 

4 Feb 2019 The offshore oil and gas industry is central to Scotland and the UK's economy and energy security. In 2017, oil and gas production contributed 

were owned by upstream companies, initially by the larger petroleum companies who had pio- neered the development of the North Sea oil and gas industry 

4 Feb 2019 The offshore oil and gas industry is central to Scotland and the UK's economy and energy security. In 2017, oil and gas production contributed  200317 Total Gas Discovery North Sea Map Total makes Central North Sea gas, condensate discovery 2019 Survey of Top 150 US Oil & Gas Companies. 28 Mar 2019 The UK's oil and gas sector is causing 44bn worth of costs through environmental damage, negative social impacts and healthcare spending,  12 Jun 2006 Lives in the Oil Industry is one of the country's most important collections of sound recordings for the historian of the future. The focus is on the  19 Jul 2018 In the early days of the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) oil and gas industry, upstream oil and gas companies constructed and operated midstream 

4 Feb 2019 The offshore oil and gas industry is central to Scotland and the UK's economy and energy security. In 2017, oil and gas production contributed 

The oil and gas industry in the United Kingdom produced 1.42 million BOE per day in 2014, of which 59% was oil/liquids. In 2013 the UK consumed 1.508  2020 The UK Oil and Gas Industry Association Limited, trading as OGUK. We use cookies to track usage and preferences.I understand Privacy Policy. The UK offshore oil and gas industry benefits our lives in many ways. Its products underpin modern society, supplying energy to power industry and heat homes,  Discover all statistics and data on United Kingdom (UK) oil and gas industry now on! Below is a short history of Britain's onshore oil and gas industry. 1600s. In the 17th century Sir William Clavell, owner of the land around Kimmeridge, used the  

The UK Oil and Gas industry has evolved at unprecedented speed over the past four decades. It has attracted a great deal of attention from a range of industry. 16 Jan 2020 Oil & Gas Authority chairman Tim Eggar tells sector chiefs they must 'act much faster and go farther' in shrinking carbon footprint. 1 May 2019 We count down the biggest oil and gas companies in the world and the "Shell" Transport and Trading Company Ltd of the United Kingdom. 30 Nov 2018 Energy analysis: Selina Hinchliffe, partner, and Andrew Douglas, member of the energy sector team, from Browne Jacobson, consider the